Tires and Odometers and Gas Mileage

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Tires and Odometers and Gas Mileage

Post by Fkyx »

Okay so I'm not here to bring up the topic of whether taller tires give better gas mileage or whatever.

Here's what I'm wondering, and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around it.

Let's say I'm running taller tires than stock, and I haven't done any adjustments to the odometer or anything like that.

If I'm calculating 25MPG from the odometer reading, am I actually getting more than that, or less than that?
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Re: Tires and Odometers and Gas Mileage

Post by colemanapp »

more. you're going faster, further on the taller tires. I always use a site, tacomatirecalculator for the mph but I never thought about the MPG being affected. It is.
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Re: Tires and Odometers and Gas Mileage

Post by Alphius »

Yes, taller tires will cover more ground than your odometer measured, so gas mileage will be better than calculated from the odometer.
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