RIP Aerotech

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RIP Aerotech

Post by farfrumwork »

I just learned that Aerotech, longtime member on this board (who built a bad ass RS-RA many years ago now, ~2008) past away recently. Many who were around at the time would certainly remember his passion for all things automotive.

Thought I'd pass it along to this community.

RIP Jerry :(


Copied from Vanagon boards:

Rest in Peace to our friend Jerry McCavitt.

His wife Sandy just sent me a message that he passed away on Saturday. She sent him off with a large VW model.

She has asked for my assistance in eventually disposing of most of Jerry's 30+ years collection of VW vehicles and parts ranging from Things to Syncros spread over New York, Louisiana, and California. Please respect the McCavitt family's privacy in this time of grief. I will post notifications in whatever channels available to me when the family is good and ready.
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Re: RIP Aerotech

Post by Legacy777 »

Thanks for sharing. That's sad to hear. :(
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Re: RIP Aerotech

Post by DLC »

Ah damn. It's always hard to lose those goldmines of knowledge.
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Re: RIP Aerotech

Post by sqc151 »

I actually bought Jerrys 91 RS/RA Legacy years ago, including his 94 LSi wagon with factory air suspension and custom leather at the same time.

the RS/RA engine lasted 2 weeks after i got it from him so i sold the engine, parted out the car and started with a 93ss. I transfered everything over to my 93ss which most of you know well. Most of those parts live on in the 93ss my friend got from me. I still have a few goodies i kept for when I import a real 93 Legacy...

RIP Jerry.
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Re: RIP Aerotech

Post by SILINC3R »

Rest in Peace
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