New member from WA

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New member from WA

Post by ICEMANFiZ »

Hello all,

I just picked up a 91 Legacy SS. First of its kind, but have had many subis over the years. Found that this site really obtains more information for these older generations and figured I should join.

Picked it up for $1200 with 197k in good condition minus few small issues. Motor is in need of some love.


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Re: New member from WA

Post by originalcyn »

Nice! Congrats!

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Re: New member from WA

Post by Alphius »

Wow, cool, if I had found that for $1200 I would've picked it up too. :P Especially since it's a 5-speed.
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Re: New member from WA

Post by Pntaste4evr99 »

Good eye on catching the clutch master Alphius
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Re: New member from WA

Post by Legacy777 »

Welcome to the BBS.

I added "returns" after your pictures so they scroll vertically vs. horizontally. Can you please try and do that for any new posts.

Thank you.
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