Don't take this community for granted

This is for non-Subaru related topics. Keep it realistic please.

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Don't take this community for granted

Post by coffeeman885 »

I haven't posted on here in forever because I don't have legacy anymore. I have a stupid honda. I'm trying to fix a weird thing with the tranny right now and man... the forums suck. I used to find all the information I could hope for here and I broke interesting things back when I was racing. I've had two posts deleted when trying to find help so far. I'm used to somebody somehow has broken the exact thing you have and found out how to fix it. I can't wait to buy another subaru in the spring. I know I should sell my POS honda but I kinda want to burn it.

Don't take this resource for granted. The subaru community has the be the best in the car world. Thanks for all the help back in the day. I might get another legacy and probably be here looking to work on it (can't leave well enough alone).

P.S. I'll post pics if I decide to just burn the honda
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Re: Don't take this community for granted

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In for pics!
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Re: Don't take this community for granted

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cj91legss wrote:In for pics!
:lol: :lol:
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