June 21st, Finalgear.com cruise around the 101 (Washington)

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June 21st, Finalgear.com cruise around the 101 (Washington)

Post by mike-tracy »

I'm thinking about going on this drive.

http://forums.finalgear.com/finalgear-m ... -wa-57632/
https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Olympia ... 378741!3e0

Anyone want to go with me? Either carpooling or driving separate cars. They have a strict no-asshat policy, and from what I've seen they mean it. Cars of all types went on the last cruise, from a late model Viper, to late 70s honda wagons and everything in between.

Saturday, June 21st, 2014.
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Re: June 21st, Finalgear.com cruise around the 101 (Washingt

Post by ride_child »

i could be interested... i think i need to drive a black car though ;)

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Re: June 21st, Finalgear.com cruise around the 101 (Washingt

Post by SILINC3R »

I would go for sure but of course I moved away and now I miss everything haha

And I hope 5th gear comes back. Such a great show, no nosense just cars.
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Re: June 21st, Finalgear.com cruise around the 101 (Washingt

Post by Danny-G »

I might meet up with you guys somewhere and hang for a bit
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