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#PacificNW PDS?

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 Post subject: PacificNW PDS?
PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 2:20 am 
Fifth Gear
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Borne of my apparent inability to escape the greater Olympia area, I wonder if anyone might be interested in a Parts Delivery Service thread.
I know a good many of us live and (some of us) travel from Bellingham to Portland, everywhere in between, and beyond. Seeing as how many of us also like to buy, sell and trade parts, perhaps we should take full advantage of our fellow travelers'... uhh, travels.
So, then, I propose a thread in which travel plans could be announced, as well as needed deliveries. A thread much like this one.
Should/could this be posted in the parts f/s section?
Thoughts? Ideas?

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 Post subject: Re: PacificNW PDS?
PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:45 pm 
Fifth Gear
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I don't see it as a bad idea. A lot of us in the area are pretty tight (went OG on you) together. I guess we have a pretty good circle.

There wouldn't be any trust issues in my opinion.

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