Round Two: Standalone scan tools, for non-turbos too

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Post by SubyinaVW »


Are you still making these great tools? If so, I would like to get one.

I have a NA '91 EJ22 legacy engine installed into my VW Vanagon. The free B10 tool does work on these conversion, but I really want an independent scan tool that does not require a laptop. I'm also still trying to get the B10 working on my Vanagon, but think its more of my laptop causing the troubles.

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Post by Legacy777 »

No I don't believe he is.
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Post by vrg3 »

I don't plan on building any more in the near future. It really does take a long time and these days I don't find myself with very much of that.

It's also harder to work up the motivation now that I've been screwed out of hundreds of dollars by a fellow board member over this device.

If that changes, I'll be sure to post up here though.
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Post by skid542 »

That's a real shame to hear. This tool is hands down the coolest thing on my car. I truley lose sleep over the thought of mine dying from years of use and you not being around so I can buy another.

But that aside - WELCOME BACK!

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Post by soobrdad02 »

Just read through the thread for the first time and the "scan tool" looks awesome! i know that you aren't making them any longer and I wanted to know if the plans to work one up were floating around out in cyberspace somewhere, or if you could recommend a similar tool. Having been a tech years ago, I miss the ability to scan problems and scope out what's going on with the car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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