JDM parts from a land down under.

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Re: JDM parts from a land down under.

Post by lucesdisco »

Hey Reuben, i´m looking for a cup holder and all the plastic to fit in so i can change the EDM center console. Can you can find it?
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Re: JDM parts from a land down under.

Post by Sublimejoe »

Just found this thread! I am in the market for some JDM interior pieces for my 93 Wagon, and a front lip if possible.
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Re: JDM parts from a land down under.

Post by mike-tracy »

Out of curiosity, has anyone received parts from Reuben? Its been 9 months since the thread was started.
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Josh Colombo wrote: Mon Jan 14, 2002 10:23 am Wait....I'm confused now.
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Re: JDM parts from a land down under.

Post by 86BRATMAN »

I tried for 6-7 months to buy an airbox he had sitting on the shelf of his garage before I said the hell with it and bought one from a parts importer here in the states. Not the first part I had attempted to purchase from him and got nowhere with.
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Re: JDM parts from a land down under.

Post by Reuben »

Sorry guys, I've let you down very badly :(

For me it's just a case of finding time and motivation to take these bits to the post office and quote up shipping. It seems to be something that never happens for one reason or another. It's a service I promised, so I just need to grad the bull by the horns and just do it...

Again, super sorry for f*ing you guys around. Maybe this marks a turning point for me personally... I need that yes man/can do attitude back.

I've got a ton of jobs on this weekend, like most. Clutch job, rocker covers, centre diff swap, strut swap etc. But I promised myself I'd resolve any issues here before any of that when mike posted up. So mike, expect a PM from me soon.
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