nosyt's 93 turbo legacy wagon

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Re: nosyt's 93 turbo legacy wagon

Post by robertpaige »

what’s up dude! that scoop turned out SO GOOD! normally only prefer no scoops on first gens besides stock but this was so well done. I always loved the v-limited sti lip too it’s a good look! I haven’t been on the forum for a few years so this is dope to see. cheers brotha
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Re: nosyt's 93 turbo legacy wagon

Post by nosyt »

Hey thanks man! Few of us survivors still on here.
I am in the same boat of not liking most scoops but found the moulded in lgt scoop suited the style of the build once I had the wing on.

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Re: nosyt's 93 turbo legacy wagon

Post by cartwheels »

Glad you're keeping the Legacy love alive! Your car looks amazing and it keeps me inspired to do great things with my wagon someday.
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