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Build Journal Rules

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Build Journal forum rules are as follows:
  • One thread will be created per-car. Owners of multiple vehicles that are deemed valid projects will be granted multiple threads.

    Threads will only be accessible to the owners and moderators.

    Replies or comments to the threads will be allowed.

    This is to keep the clutter to a minimum. Individual threads should contain a link to a thread where viewers can comment on the progress of the builds.

    All journals must have a topic formatted similarly:

    Code: Select all

    DLC's 2000 Legacy GT Limited
    No blatant "bumping" will be allowed. If you have an update to add to a thread it should be noteworthy.

    Image sizes should be limited to between 600-800px in width. A Legacy Central Gallery account can be set up for use with any project, if desired.
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