Reubens BC "Blighter"

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Re: Reubens BC "Blighter"

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Still no good news with this thing sadly, hence my slow posting. Head gasket may be getting done this month though! My mate is going to help me do the head gaskets, but he's concerned with rust in the bores and the pitting that may cause. He has another EJ22 lying around we can scavange for parts if we need to. At this stage I'd be happy slapping the DOHC heads on one and rolling with it, anecdotal evidence on the net suggests there's no fouling between valves and pistons when this is done, so it'll be interesting to see what the go is... So hey, I might be getting a DOHC EJ22 afterall... Just a non turbo one...

I'm fine with this... I continue to allow this car to chose it's own destiny, I'm just along for the ride picking up the parts bill.
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