Direct fit AWIC kits on the way.

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Re: Direct fit AWIC kits on the way.

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My main concern is weather enough air will flow through the front of the bumper, which is effectively sealed off from the bottom, for the exchanger to be effective in that position. To be sure, one would need to use some sort of manometer to check pressure differentials between the area behind the front bumper and inside the front of the wheel well, ideally with any kind of vent that would be used with the exchanger in place.
Another concern would be potential damage from any debris thrown off by the tire.
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Re: Direct fit AWIC kits on the way.

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Check out my AWIC exchanger thread.

As it's been mentioned the bumper beam is your limiting factor, and it can be cut to allow for more room. I am very happy with the exchanger I had built. The only thing I'd do different is add a bleeder screw in the top left corner and anodize it black.

Here's a thread with my old exchanger setup where I didn't cut the bumper beam, and I just wasn't too happy with it.

To get anything that will work well, you're going to have to do something with the bumper beam.
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