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Post by real_xe »

I've got a mint rust-free N/A pre-face wagon but want to go faster :-D. I'm looking for a Legacy Turbo on the Northwest part of the US. I'd prefer an SS but if there's a TW out there, I'd be totally down to snag it. I don't have alot of $ to spend (under 700), so the car doesn't have to be perfect.

I'm still not sure how much our cars resell for, sorry in advance if I'm being too optimistic.

I'd also be willing to trade if you want a mint N/A daily driver. :lol:

Thanks guys! :D
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Re: WTB SS or TW

Post by beatersubi »

93 legacy wagon L, 22T swapped (TW imitator) now with five forward speeds. (Gone, but never forgotten)
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Re: WTB SS or TW

Post by mike-tracy »

1992 Legacy SS 5mt, build in progress
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