Free Florida 1994 Legacy Wagon Body w/ title, engine, 5spd

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Free Florida 1994 Legacy Wagon Body w/ title, engine, 5spd

Post by SWRT »

Lakeland Florida

I'm taking some parts off of my 1994 Legacy and needing it gone afterwards.

I need the struts and hubs so there will be no wheels. If you can pick it up without wheels it's yours. I will give the title over when it's on your trailer.

The engine runs and the trans works fine. I was able to drive it around on my parents road the other day just fine.

I will be taking:
Window regulators and motors (will have windows taped up under car cover)
Some interior bits
Possibly stuff from the engine bay
Cruise control components

This is mainly if you need a spare engine or trans or a decent body. There's not really any rust on the car. Looks pretty clean from what I've always seen. Just taking what I need and I'd rather someone use it than it get crushed. If you're interested and you have a way to get it onto a trailer with no wheels let me know
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Re: Free Florida 1994 Legacy Wagon Body w/ title, engine, 5s

Post by BoneIslandScooby »

I need to check if my friend's car hauler is available. No hubs so wheels cannot be attached correct?
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