WTB legacy S1. 1989-1991

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WTB legacy S1. 1989-1991

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If you have an S1 legacy that you would rather see get restored instead of bought and beaten by another then scrapped then let me know. I've been looking for a turbo S1 for over six years but at this point just let me know what you have. Pickup or shipping isnt a problem for me as long as it's not a problem for you as it usually takes a little longer but I'm a restore type of subaru guy not a push as much HP as possible until it blows up and then scrap it kind of subaru guy. If you have any parts too let me know! Looking more specifically for hood scoops, bumpers and trims, headlights, taillights and spoilers. PM me! Even if its busted let me take a look before you pitch it! I might be able to repair it!
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