Good catback system for my setup?

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Good catback system for my setup?

Post by jyrine »

Hi all,
So since the rebuild I've been wanting to do some tweaks to the overall package and seeing as I still have
a steel catback that isn't mandrel bent (and is pinhole leaking from 4 spots) I figured I'd start there.

I was looking at the Blitz NUR-Spec R exhaust, which sounds nice and would definitely accomplish my goal,
but before I lay down over $700 on a catback I wanted to get some input.

So what are you all running? Have you heard of any good setups that fit without too much modification?
Anything out there crazy expensive but crazy worth it?
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Re: Good catback system for my setup?

Post by Legacy777 »

What are you running for a down pipe setup? If you aren't running a 3" turbo back exhaust to the cat I wouldn't probably recommend going straight to the cat back.

Is the Blitz exhaust a direct fit for the turbo Legacy? If not, I'd suggest finding a muffler setup you like and have a good exhaust shop make you a nice mandrel bent exhaust.

I don't personally know that particular exhaust setup, so maybe others can chime in as well.
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