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#EJ25D in 91 legacy l wagon...LOTS of gotchas....

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 Post subject: EJ25D in 91 legacy l wagon...LOTS of gotchas....
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:33 am 
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Yeah, about that...if you think its gonna be easy, fugedaboudit. Still not finished with the swap and have been at it a solid week. Too many things dont fit like you would expect them to. The engine clears the frame rails at the timing covers by about an inch so not a lot of extra room. The a/c compressor does not fit. Had to get a later model compressor because they are smaller and dont hit the intake manifold. Late model mounting bracket must be used with new compressor. IACV is a big question. Dont know if the new style that goes on later model is going to work or not. We will see when we fire the engine for the first time. Coil wiring must be modified from the old car as the connector doesnt fit the late model coil. plug wire supports from the 2.2 dont work, they are in the wrong places but that is minor. Easy enough to figure out when everything else is done. figuring out all the vacuum hoses is going to be fun because all of the hard lines on the old engine are nothing like the new one...grrrr. So project WRXish is coming together, albeit somewhat more slowly than I would like and much slower than the plan...however there is progress made almost every day now, so it should not take much longer...I hope. :roll:

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