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#How should I build this giant cube!? Build recommendations

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 Post subject: How should I build this giant cube!? Build recommendations
PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:56 pm 
First Gear
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Alright so my 93 tw decided it didn't like the launch control too much spun a rod bearing..

The motor has 191k miles on it so I'm definitely going to get machine work done. And since it's getting worked on, why not build it right? :)

So the car has a 550 robtune ecu with all supporting mods and these extras
Apexi avrc ebc
wideband afr
5 speed swap

Now for starters Money is not a big issue for me. But time is. Yes this is my daily driver so that means I would like a Reliable build... (holding back a little laughter) and would like to have it done within a month or 2.

Okay so I'm waiting on a shipment of some 20g heads and intake I came across recently. Reason for these heads is because I would like to keep the robtune ecu and I don't want to start cutting into the harness at all.

Now the bottom end is were I would like some input from all you gurus out there. I was considering a few routes for the build.. one being the stroker with 257 crank rods and custom piston. Another would be keeping the stock crank and getting new rods and custom pistons. If I keep the stock crank it will also have to be machined due to the rod bearing breaking. So that will add to the cost of that route.

I also have a ej22e I believe out of a 93na. Would any of the internals be a good option in the 22t block? What about building the na small block instead? I would like to be around 300 hp when all is done and still keep it enjoyable to drive out of boost and in traffic as it is my daily driver.

Any and all input is appreciated! Thank guys

93 fwd beater wagon
93 tw build in progress

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 Post subject: Re: How should I build this giant cube!? Build recommendatio
PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:08 pm 
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The cranks are the same between the turbo & non-turbo ej22's. So if your non-turbo ej22 crank is good then use that if you decide to keep the stock crank.


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