EJ22 upgrades.

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EJ22 upgrades.

Post by Martin_Subaru »

Hi guys
i am currently building an EJ22 for my 1981 swingback. And i am currently upgrading it to peform well in the old subie, i hqve done intake were i replaced all the restrictive intake hoses/boxes with better flowing hoses.
so i have an 1990 EJ18S spfi lying in the shop and i seem to remember that i have read somewere that the cams in the ej18 has higher lift and duration than the ej22 so I basically want to know if i can fit the ej18 cams in my ej22 as an "upgrade"
i have also seen on a ej22 build that someone put washers under the hydraulic lifters would it be worth doing?
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Re: EJ22 upgrades.

Post by mike-tracy »

Haven't heard of the ej18 cams being an upgrade before. But I do know that Deltacams will grind your cams to several different profiles.

People are putting washers as shims in when they upgrade to Delta cams, since Delta is removing material when they do their work. Not for any other performance reasons.
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