More power from a 1990 L wagon ?

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More power from a 1990 L wagon ?

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Hello all,

First post here, I just got this 200k mile wagon, totally rust free, immaculate interior. I want to make it my daily and am currently refreshing the suspension. Is there any way to eek a bit more power from the stock engine? It's my understanding that exhaust does very little for non-turbo cars... I don't want to do an engine swap but I'm open to a turbo but not if it won't melt the engine or if I have to replace the lifters etc...

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Re: More power from a 1990 L wagon ?

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Welcome to the BBS.

Realistically speaking you're not going to get much of any HP gains on the non-turbo motors. You can install cams, MSD DIS-2 ignition, exhaust, and intake. However, the gains won't likely be more than 15-20 hp if I had to take a guess. You'll spend quite a bit of money on those, especially if you can't get them installation.

Just adding a turbo can be done, but you will need engine management of some it's not ideal.

The best bang for your buck is to do a turbo motor swap. Get a low mileage used EJ20G or similar and do the swap. That would be my suggestion if you want any substantial power gains.
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