What engine for my 1990 legacy?

Heads, valves, pistons, rods, crankshaft, etc...

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What engine for my 1990 legacy?

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Hello all,

First post here. So it's in the air, I'm a Subi owner newb, I've driven many Subaru's and really like them. Recently got a 1999 Impreza OBS for my gf and now that there's a Subi in my life, I decided I really needed one. Long time SAAB fanboy lol. So I decided I want to STI swap a 1st gen Legacy, and I like the look of the pre facelift ones. Happened to have a friend that wanted to Subaru swap his 1978 VW bay window bus with a Subaru engine and happened across a 1990 legacy with under 200k miles on it. We bought it together and he took the EJ22 and engine wiring for his VW and I own, well.. the rest of the car. It's an AWD 4EAT sedan. I've been doing my homework as much as I can and I'm currently building the car for a manual trans and a turbo engine. I had my eyes set on an EJ20G and 5 speed 4.11 V2 STI that came with harness and ECU. But that seems to have been sold in my time of building up $$$ for the swap. I'm selling off my other cars in hopes to build a smashing 1st gen Legacy. My question is, with the EJ20G gone, what engine would be a prime candidate? I'm hoping for in the network of somewhere in the 300awhp mark. Nothing too insane, just wanting a daily/weekend romp rig I can depend on so I can put my SAAB back in the garage. Currently working on dropping the 4EAT out of it and sourcing a manual 1st gen leggy driveshaft so I can drop the rear diff and get the proper ratio for whatever I end up with. Advice? Let's have fun, any suggestion will be considered. Ideally a stocker V7/V8 EJ207 and 6 speed would be the ABSOLUTE best thing (perhaps) but $$$ restricting lol also need some info on setting up hydro clutch. Hanging pedals right now is super easy as the dash is out of the car, but what master to use? Doesn't look like a lot of room in there with the brake booster in the way. I'm aware the whole suspension will need to be gone through as a system set up for 130bhp won't do for 300bhp (hopefully) and brakes as well. I also know Subaru's are like Legos and a lot from other models can be shifted over and just bolted on (maybe with some slight modification) so with a 1st gen set up for a turbo engine where do I go? Let's spit ball and see what sticks!

Thanks in advance
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Re: What engine for my 1990 legacy?

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You are about 5 years too late on here. Join FL4T TLegs group on facebook
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Josh Colombo wrote: Mon Jan 14, 2002 10:23 am Wait....I'm confused now.
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