'91 Legacy GT Sedan, H&R sport spings

Struts, spring, anti-rollbars, braces and the like.

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'91 Legacy GT Sedan, H&R sport spings

Post by ms.agro » Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:14 am

Currently working on a '91 Legacy GT Sedan at my shop. We couldn't find stock springs for the car. Customer didn't want coil overs. Found H&R's sport lowering springs, thought I was going to be good to go with these, nope, not so much. Even though the site led me to them, with exact model and year, the front fit but the rear are not tapered enough to fit any stock upper strut mounts.
Found that the spring seats from a '04-'07 WRX that fit the springs, found the upper strut mounts that match those spring seats, however, there is a plate missing between the mount and the spring seat that fit the two together, as the spring seat itself is almost large enough to slip over the mount plate. Subaru and multiple Subaru specialty shops could not figure it out for me.
Any suggestions for making these stupid springs fit on this Legacy?
Any and all suggestions outside of telling me to f-off will be greatly appreciated!


Sport Springs: 29868
Spring Seat: 20375AA030
Strut Mount (match to seat for '04-'07 WRX but too small): SM5243
Strut Mount (Match the inner diameter for the spring seat, mount holes do not): SM5245 :?:

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Re: '91 Legacy GT Sedan, H&R sport spings

Post by mike-tracy » Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:18 am

What about 1992-1994 Legacy rear top hats?

I have a bit more info on my build thread:
http://bbs.legacycentral.org/viewtopic. ... &start=150
I actually went the opposite way, I went from non tapered rear springs to 04 tapered STI springs.

And one page later I post some pics of people's Legacy SS's with the H&R Sport springs.
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Wait....I'm confused now.

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Re: '91 Legacy GT Sedan, H&R sport spings

Post by robertpaige » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:21 pm

Try 92-94 top hats.

Generally, we tell people with 92-94 to swap out tophats with a 91' when installing lowering springs for WRX's due to the tapered rear design. If the springs you have aren't tapered.. i'm thinking maybe 92-94 springs would work in this case.
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Re: '91 Legacy GT Sedan, H&R sport spings

Post by Legacy777 » Wed Oct 14, 2015 5:43 pm

Welcome to the BBS, and yes to echo what Mike & Robert have mentioned; use the 92-94 Legacy rear top mounts & upper spring perch with the H&R's.

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