Air suspension question/ idea.

Struts, spring, anti-rollbars, braces and the like.

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Air suspension question/ idea.

Post by Danny-G »

Is there any reason why I couldn't use an aftermarket air suspension kit along with some strut spacers to be able to lift and lower my car?
The kit I first found for an early impreza has four inches of travel, so in theory I should be able to initially lower the car to install the strut spacers (say three inch) which should leave the car lowered an inch completely aired down. After getting the spacers in, I should be able to lift the car up to three inches with the bags full, correct?
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Re: Air suspension question/ idea.

Post by Legacy777 »

I had thought someone used a similar kit a while back, but wasn't able to find the thread. You could try searching to see if you find one. I think in general it's a bit more complex than simple springs and struts so you don't see too many people using them.
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Re: Air suspension question/ idea.

Post by jamal »

KW has a kit that lifts the car slightly so exotics can get in and out of driveways easier and stuff. That works independently of the springs. If you tried to drive around on empty air bags it wouldn't go so well.

But keep in mind that your alignment changes with ride height in both toe and camber. So you can't just drive it around low in the summer and raise it 2" for the winter or whatever and expect the car to handle right or not cause bad tire wear.
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