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#Will these work for a 94 Turbo wagon?

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 Post subject: Will these work for a 94 Turbo wagon?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:37 am 
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Looking for some budget coilovers for the time being and I was just wondering if someone could tell me if these are gonna work for my 94 turbo wagon? I know you have to buy wagon specific coilovers and these just give the spring rates which I'm not to sure about on my stock struts


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 Post subject: Re: Will these work for a 94 Turbo wagon?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:10 am 
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They will bolt up, but for a 1000 you can do better. Ksport is pretty crappy.

One thing I'd suggest is the ST suspension X coilover, which is a pretty nice part for about the same money. You don't get a shock adjuster, but you do get 4 pretty good dampers that work well as is. They're made by KW as a budget option to the variant series. These are under 1000, but do not come with top mounts. You would need to re-use your own or preferably buy some fresh new ones. The benefit of that is they'll be quieter and more comfortable for daily use. The spherical bearing top mounts or camber plates that come with those k-sports are going to transmit a lot of noise into the chassis and then start clunking after not too long.

The other option I can come up with that is pretty good and in the price range is the Tein Street Adavance Z. I have generally not been a huge fan of Tein but they are better than K-sport, BC, Megan racing, and a bunch of other stuff that is basically the same but with different colors and stickers (raceland, isc, stance, it goes on and on...). Compared to older tein stuff these use softer springs and have more travel so they work and ride a lot better on real roads. The Advance Z costs less than the ST at more like 700, also without top mounts. Add some whiteline fronts and kyb rears and you have a ready to bolt in suspension for under a grand.

Since the height on coilovers is adjustable, you can compensate for extra weight in the back of a wagon by just raising the height a little. It's also possible to change the springs out for a different rate.

Also I'm a dealer for this stuff so if you want an exact quote pm me with a zip code.


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