Clutch recommendations

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Clutch recommendations

Post by 91legacyLS »

Hey all, I recently picked up a new daily a 93 touring wagon with a vf22, 550cc injectors and a robtune chip, running at 10psi(was told it could run 18psi but skeptical) Anyways, of course the clutch started to slip in 5th and has progressed to where getting into the boost in nearly any gear it slips. So I'm looking for recommendations on a stout clutch that can take some abuse of street, possibly track, and some Amatuer rallyx.

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Re: Clutch recommendations

Post by monkeyposeur »

I run an OEM Exedy WRX clutch and it holds 350 whp just fine.
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Re: Clutch recommendations

Post by Pntaste4evr99 »

Don't be like me and save 100 on a cheaper then exedy putting a wrx exedy one in when i change trannies
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Re: Clutch recommendations

Post by ronemus »

I've had good experiences with CenterForce Dual Friction clutches. I haven't had one last less than 70k miles, and I like control they gave me. The stock clutches were like on/off switches - difficult to modulate. The CenterForce was easy to modulate and could hold anything my NA engines ('90 & '02 Legacy Wagons) could throw at them.

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Re: Clutch recommendations

Post by 1993SS »

What clutch did you end up going with? Mine just had it's first slip since I've owned it, getting ready to dive in myself.
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