1992 Legacy BC Turbo - brake improvement

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1992 Legacy BC Turbo - brake improvement

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I finally managed to get the new car feel back into the brake pedal on my 100,000 miles UK Legacy BC Turbo.
When I was gravity bleeding the brakes ahead of my winter service schedule I noticed the plastic pipe on the beeld nipple had fluid creeping up the tube when that particlar screw had been nipped up.
Couldnt figure that out at all, found repacement stainles steel 10 x 1mm extended bleed screws at Scooby Worx in UK.
I was impressed by the bleed screws enginneering quality & ease of fitting.
What a difference to the brake pedal feel much firmer - reminded me of when I bought my first Legacy BF Turbo back in 1993 brand new.
Just wanted to pass on my observations to other forum members.
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Re: 1992 Legacy BC Turbo - brake improvement

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Thanks for sharing!

So just changing out the bleeders improved brake feel? Were the old ones leaking you think?

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