E-Brake cable wont come out of hub. Help!

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E-Brake cable wont come out of hub. Help!

Post by SomeOldHobo »

So basically i was removing my left rear cv axle cause of a rear diff swap (different axles) it wont budge. So im just going to take the knuckle out as a whole. BUT the parking brake cable will not budge either. The parking Brake components are all out, and I removed the retaining clip on the cable as well. Nothing. Is there something else I have to do in order for it to come out? All my haynes book says is to pull and it will come out which obviously doesn't work.

On a side note. The abs sensor is also very stuck in the hub as well, so any advice on that would be appreciated.

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Re: E-Brake cable wont come out of hub. Help!

Post by Legacy777 »

They are probably rusted in there. Use some PB blaster and leave it sit for a while and then try again. You can try applying some heat with a torch, but I'd be careful especially around the ABS sensor.

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