Minimum offset for wrx 4/2 pot brakes?

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Minimum offset for wrx 4/2 pot brakes?

Post by YetiSmasher »

Thinking about getting different wheels, but I'd like to know the minimum offset recommended so I don't get the wrong ones. Tried searching, found nothing.

Trying to go with 17x9.5

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Re: Minimum offset for wrx 4/2 pot brakes?

Post by jamal »

It's pretty unlikely a wheel that big wouldn't clear. The rally wheels designed to fit are like 15x7 and +53 offset. At the same time, a multi-piece wheel with a really flat face could have clearance issues no matter how big/wide it is.

If you were to set your car as an 06-07 wrx, or even 04 sti, or search for those cars using the wheels you're looking for on nasioc, that would be pretty good confirmation they fit.

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