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Brake upgrade shopping list

Post by subieroo »

Hey all, this is my first post and it seems like this is a common question: I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my 1993 Turbo Wagon and I'd just like to confirm my shopping list before I start buying parts. In terms of rim clearances, I've got 16" 03 WRX rims.

As far as I can tell from research done on this forum, I'll want to use 03+ WRX parts in the front and H6 rotors with the correct brackets and calipers in the rear.

To confirm I'll need calipers (2 piston), brackets, and rotors from a 03+ WRX and calipers (single piston), brackets, and rotors from an 05-09 LGT?

Id like to go this route to up my braking systems heat capacity and open up my pad selection as well as increase my chances of finding some of this stuff used at junk yards and save some money.

Thanks for being such a wealth of knowledge to dig through!

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Re: Brake upgrade shopping list

Post by mike-tracy »

Hi and welcome. Check out the "sticky" first thread in this section if you haven't already. WRX front and LGT rears in the years you posted are a solid choice. I went with h6 rears instead, but I do have lgt rears on the shelf. I would just get complete assemblies from junkyards as opposed to buying brackets here, calipers there, etc.
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Wait....I'm confused now.

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Re: Brake upgrade shopping list

Post by jamal »

There are two different kinds of the larger legacy rear brakes.

The first, the "H6" rotor, is on all the legacys from 00-04, and is 290x10, not vented.

The Legacy GT, from 05-09 got 290x18mm vented rotors. There is a later set of 290x18mm brakes, but they use a larger parking brake and the offset between the hub and rotor face is different. So to directly bolt on 290x18 brakes they need to be from an 05-09 legacy gt. The 06/07 wrx also use that rotor with a 2-pot caliper but it doesn't bolt onto the backing plate.

Anyway, going to the bigger rear rotor is a good choice when upgrading the fronts, otherwise the bias gets a little far forward. And you have the bigger 1 1/16 mc and there's no change in piston area so you're all good there.

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Re: Brake upgrade shopping list

Post by originalcyn »

Depending on where you're at, i've got the fronts sitting in the garage with nothing to do with them. They were also on the 04 forester xt, and probably other foresters.

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