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 Post subject: Butters wagon
PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:28 am 
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Bought a Legacy with a dead cylinder from a guy at work a while back for $250, took the timing belt off and put it back on in time and had a perfectly running 400K mile 1994 Legacy wagon dubbed the Butters Wagon for the guy I bought it from. So tonight at work we were slow and I had been stocking up parts for years so I stuck on some 2002 front Outback struts and some rear 98 Outback struts, also put on some 1" strut top spacers from New Creations Fab, turned out OK, need a camber kit for sure. Also, I have a few hundred pounds of stuff in the back, the original struts and everything needed to SAS a Toyota save for the axle so thats why the rear is still saggy looking.



So thats it, for anyone looking to lift their car, you will need to drill a new hole for the rears unless you use the old top hat, you will need to remove the top hats for the extended bolts on the rear struts, the fronts will change out just fine, you need to get 96-99 Outback rears since they changed suspensions later on for the rear, or use Forester struts, it helps to have 2 people but I did it by myself so its possible. I did not put in spacers for the drivetrain so I will have to wait and see if I eat CV's, so far it drives fine, its a bit more stiff but not terrible if anything I kinda like it so far.

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