Just a man and a Legacy

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Just a man and a Legacy

Post by SILINC3R »

This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to come out to Houston, Tx with a couple friends and attend the Gillman Big Event 8! Lots of great cars, but of course very few Legacys. Only about 3 or 4, 4th gens and about 2, 1st gens. They had the Rally team out with Travis Pastrana, Craig Drew and David Higgins. If you are in the surrounding area I HIGHLY recommend it.


Even more awesome, I was able to meet up with the man, you know him as Legacy777 and his beautiful Legacy. I grew up with the Legacy, learning a lot from Josh and of course many others and it was awesome to final see his car. Pictures and build journals can only do so much but to see it actually in person, to hear it, feel it, is on another level. Having lost my Legacy, maybe it was a little more sentimental but I think it would have still felt the same. The car is not 26 years old and to the normal/newer Subaru person they would have to look ten times after hearing it to make sure it was indeed coming from this little "retro" Subie. I can say that now right? The car shakes at idle and a healthy shake, not because it is running off 3 cylinders. Delta cams, we know the name and we have reviews both good and bad. My experience in this car is nothing but positive and Josh could give you his.
By the way the roads in Houston are something to be left up to the imagination. I've been to Boston were they are bad. I've lived in Atlanta were they are pretty decent. I've lived in Seattle were, it's Seattle sooo. Once you've spent at least a day and you're not dead ass tired, you start to enjoy the layout of the roads in Houston and at night they come alive. It's like playing GTA, however, don't disrespet them, becasue they try to destroy you. Several times I was following Josh doing as the local does and then a wild, what looked like a speed bump in the middle of a major road would appear. You would have to make a decision to hit the brakes or just kind of hope for the best. Well, in his car, it wasn't that dramatic. You would just hit it and carry on my wayward son.
So, before I make this too long. If you ever make it out that way and haven't met Josh and his Legacy, try to. Great guy and even our taste in cars seemed to be pretty identical which was nice for a change.

On to the good stuff and only a preview.


Josh, great to meet up again and it was an honor to ride around and snap some photos!!
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Re: Just a man and a Legacy

Post by Legacy777 »


It was a great pleasure to meet you and hang out! It's always great to get other first gen Legacy fans opinion of the car since I'm a bit isolated from the rest of the crowd. Thanks for getting me out to car show last night, I had a really good time and got to see some pretty interesting cars :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the other pictures! Thanks again for coming out and braving the Houston roads :twisted: If you decide to make it out again for next year's Big Event let me know and hopefully I can make it. I've heard from a few others that said it was really quite good this year and sort of back to its roots.

Safe travels back home!

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Re: Just a man and a Legacy

Post by mike-tracy »

Very nice, Josh has driven my SS's a few times, I'd love to drive his someday.
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