Nico's ej swapped GL10

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Nico's ej swapped GL10

Post by mike-tracy »

Our very own Nico's car that he has been improving on for a couple of years now, has a video on youtube.

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Re: Nico's ej swapped GL10

Post by Legacy777 »

Very cool!!
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Re: Nico's ej swapped GL10

Post by James614 »

Nice! I can't get over how much he talks about it being a death trap with no traction. To me that just sounds like an old-fashioned fun daily-driver, haha.
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Re: Nico's ej swapped GL10

Post by BradleyK »

Great video and an awesome car Mike!
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Re: Nico's ej swapped GL10

Post by kimokalihi »

Oooh! He's got the Mann Hummel air oil separator. I've got one also but I haven't installed it. Got it for my Silverado because it has a lot of blow by but I'm selling it so it might go on the Subaru some day or the metro more likely.

I need to contact Nico and ask him how he plumbed it in.
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