Anyone wanna go drag racing Sun July 18th in Monroe with me?

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Anyone wanna go drag racing Sun July 18th in Monroe with me?

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Well to start this off, I'm still a newb to this forum, but thought what the hell. They do drag racing on the straight away on the 5/8 oval, so this is not a "true" 1/4 mile drag track. It's short, old track, but it's still fun to go burn rubber and beat on your vehicle for a couple hours.

I've raced here for years but never taken the subie. So after my swap, I wanna go see what it can do. So I'm inviting ppl to go with me. It's at Evergreen speedway in Monroe, so just google "Evergreen Drags" and it will take u to there home page.

I can't stress enough, this is NOT a real drag track, just a strip of track that's straight with a staging light (tree) and a finish line. So if your a purist, or wanna go really fast, this isn't for u. Kinda back-yard type.

It's for this Sunday, the 18th. I plan on being there around 10am, and stay till around 5pm, when they shut down, but wNna see if anyone else would want to go with me.

Read there website, they go over all the rules, so read up, if u have any questions I'll try to answer them.
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