2016 Rally Sprint Rules -posted 12/14/15

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2016 Rally Sprint Rules -posted 12/14/15

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RallySprint and RallyTrials are motorsports events in which one vehicle at a time navigates a clearly defined course, with elapsed time plus penalties for course deviations being the determining factor for awards. Although side-by-side competition is not allowed, more than one vehicle may be on course at the same time provided they are separated on course by adequate time and distance to eliminate any possibility of a passing situation.

A RallySprint is similar to a rally-type stage but with a relatively short stage length and lower speeds than typically encountered in stage rally. RallySprint events are run on sections of dirt, gravel or snow-covered roads or trails that are closed to the public. The course is primarily delineated by the roadway, with upright and pointer cones placed at key locations for way-finding and hazard-warning purposes. RallySprint events are typically run on off-road/rally school sites and short sections of dirt/gravel roads

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