Rebuild or part out, 94 turbo wagon.

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Rebuild or part out, 94 turbo wagon.

Post by Danny-G »

Not more than four weeks after I got my wagon back on the road, had been off the road for roughly a year and a half for a shell swap, it developed a faint knock from 1-2k, that really killed my motivation for that car. I'm not sure if I want to just rebuild the 22t and keep it going, or use it as a donor for my sedan and part it out..
What do you guys think?
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Re: Rebuild or part out, 94 turbo wagon.

Post by mike-tracy »

If the new swapped shell is clean, I'd find a second 22t short or long block and swap that in. Then slowly rebuild the knocking engine.
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Re: Rebuild or part out, 94 turbo wagon.

Post by dscoobydoo »

Agree. Find a 20g and put it in.

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