Life goes on...

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Life goes on...

Post by magicmike »

Hey everybody,

I haven't been on here for a while but check in from now and then to see whats new. Lot's of new faces and some of the same. I sold my wagon a while back and I spent some time going through all of my photos and vids and threw together a silly montage that surprisingly brings a tear to my eye when put to a boys2men track lol I'm showing my age here.

Regardless, I'm all grown up now, been married for a few years and have beautiful amazing twin boys that are now about 16 months old and we are expecting another boy in January! We are closing on a new house this week and things are so hectic its nuts.

Hopefully I'll have time later in life for another fun project to tinker on but for now it's time to be the good husband and great dad.

Hope everyone is well and enjoy the corny vid. :lol:

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Re: Life goes on...

Post by originalcyn »

Congrats on the kids!

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Re: Life goes on...

Post by DLC »

Good to see you stop in :)
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Re: Life goes on...

Post by Legacy777 »

Good to hear from you Mike and congrats on the new addition to the family!
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Re: Life goes on...

Post by Alphius »

Congratulations Mike! I remember when you sold that car, it's good to hear you're doing well.
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Re: Life goes on...

Post by beatersubi »

Good to hear you're doing well.

lol, boyz2men
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