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The Parts Shed is primarily a place to sell, trade, or give away parts. All discussions here should have to do with these transactions and nothing else. Questions are welcome, criticism is not.

Be courteous, sensible, and fair whether you're the seller or prospective buyer.

Please consider how serious you are about selling. Posts gauging interest are allowed, but will be met with skepticism by our moderation staff.

Disputes should be resolved between the buyer and seller, whether that involves third parties or not. Legacy Central and its moderation staff WILL NOT be involved in any dispute resolution.

Legacy Central is interested in buyer and seller satisfaction. Reported users and vendors will be subject to penalties if repeated issues with buying or selling occur.

Posting guidelines are as follows:
  1. Sellers _MUST_ list the location of parts. Ex. "FS: (LA, CA) EJ22 fuel rails with injectors $25" with at least a state or province in parenthesis or brackets. This is for clarification to buyers and avoids questions in threads.
  2. An asking price is required on individual items unless the buyer is soliciting offers. Group listings are exempt from this requirement if there are more than three items whose price can't be listed in the topic itself.
  3. Images are HIGHLY recommended. Pictures sell items and they will always be asked for. Legacy Central does not provide hosting, but the forum's software does support image linking. It's in the seller's best interest to include images.
Results of breaking the rules may result in deletion of your thread, a time out, or permanent banning.

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