92 Legacy, 104k Miles, Asking $1500 OBO

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92 Legacy, 104k Miles, Asking $1500 OBO

Post by carlyatkins »

I'm selling my '92 Subaru Legacy Wagon 4WD Turbo for $2,000 OBO. Car has 104,000 miles. Sunroof, automatic seat belts, heat and AC both work. Minimal rust for an old car.

Car starts acting up in the winter; when driving on the highway RPM will shoot up to 4 or 5 when I'm going a steady speed and won't accelerate. I have brought it in to multiple mechanics and they can never find anything wrong. Then come spring, it drives like normal.

I have not driven it since November, 2018. It will probably need a jump to start.

New battery in Feb. 2018, new front brake rotors/pads and front tires in Nov. 2016.

I can't figure out how to post pictures, but PM me and I can send them!

~St. Paul, MN
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