AWIC pump replacement and Sillicone hose pipes

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AWIC pump replacement and Sillicone hose pipes

Post by joeynimu »

Hi guys,

Recently I noticed some noise coming from underneath my passenger side wheel. On listening carefully, I saw that it was coming from the air to water intercooler pump. Upon removing and inspecting it, I found out that one of the impeller fins was broken hence the sound.

I have been looking for the pump but I can't seem to find any online. I have a guy who has an old one, but it's not going on the cheap ~ $160. I am hesitant on getting it, for it might not serve me for long.

Anyone with a lead of where I could get this kind of pump preferably new? Or has anyone used a different type of pump which fits without any heavy mods?

Below are the images of the pump

I am also looking for a place where I can get silicone hose pipes for the engine; it's the 1993 ej20G version one I think. Any leads will be appreciated.
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Re: AWIC pump replacement and Sillicone hose pipes

Post by Legacy777 »

Welcome to the BBS.

Those are probably getting difficult to find. You may want to try replacing it with another similar pump.

I'd also suggest checking out these Facebook groups. There is a lot more activity on them compared to here.

RS Liberty Club
Legacy/Liberty gen 1 parts buy & sell page
First Gen Legacy Club 89-94
Subie Sales
SL-I (Subaru Legacy International)
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Re: AWIC pump replacement and Sillicone hose pipes

Post by crawlerdan »

i replaced mine with a bilge pump for a small boat. that was over 100k ago. cost me about 35$
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Re: AWIC pump replacement and Sillicone hose pipes

Post by georryan »

I'm using a Johnson CM10P7 I believe for my AWIC setup.

I used to have the stock heat exchanger, but my intercooler wasn't staying cool enough on track days. I upgraded to a larger heat exchanger from frozenboost and things are working pretty good now.
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Re: AWIC pump replacement and Sillicone hose pipes

Post by arse_sidewards »

Another vote for "it's just coolant at ~14psi, use whatever pump you want"

If you must have something that comes from an automotive application then go on Rockauto and look for auxiliary pumps for vans and SUVs with rear heat.
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