Rear windshield washer not working

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Rear windshield washer not working

Post by Apollo69 »

Hi everyone, my rear windshield washer won't put out any fluid.
I can hear the pump at the rear of the car when I try to use the washer fluid and have held it on for about 10 seconds at a time and nothing comes out.
Tried several times but nothing, there are no leaks and the level in the reservoir doesn't move.
I tried using a needle and compressed air on the nozzle since I saw that on another forum, but it didn't fix the issue.
The wipers themselves work just fine.

Anybody know what my issue might be? Clogged line? Burnt out pump?
Any help would be much appreciated!
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Re: Rear windshield washer not working

Post by arse_sidewards »

Can you stick a bore scope in it and confirm that the impeller is spinning?
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Re: Rear windshield washer not working

Post by Legacy777 »

As suggested, if you have a borescope or similar that would be the easiest inspection. If not, and If you're comfortable trying to remove the sprayer head that would get you access to the hose. You could try taking off the sprayer head and see if you get any fluid coming out then. If not you could blowing back into the hose and see if you get any bubbles coming from the reservoir where the hose connects. If you don't see any bubbles or are unable blow through the hose then I would suggest pulling the reservoir out to inspect the impeller and/or other blockage in the hose.
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