1993 Citroën XM

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1993 Citroën XM

Post by entirelyturbo »

Hey all, I know this place is a graveyard lately, but I had a little time and figured I'd share pictures with the few who still come here on occasion of the latest addition to my automotive collection... a car I've dreamed about owning practically my whole life.

I finally own a 1993 Citroën XM!


It's a Turbo C.T. model, which means it has a Peugeot XU10J2TE, the same 2.0L turbo 4cyl in the Peugeot 605, the XM's stablemate.

And yes, it's a manual! :cool:

Don't worry, the B4 RSK is still around! In fact, I did a TON of suspension work on it recently... if time permits, I'll upload photos of it to that thread.

And I still have the Spectron too! :-D

Hope everyone is well!

And yes, I changed my username to entirelyturbo. That's where you can find me across the Internet these days.
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Re: 1993 Citroën XM

Post by Legacy777 »

Very cool Michel!

BTW, you only need one more post to have 6,000 posts ;)

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