How to remove cover over shifter

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How to remove cover over shifter

Post by icrman »

1993 Legacy, automatic.
I need to get under that cover over the shift lever to get rid of all the locking mess. The solenoid has been dead for years.
We have been using the release button, and according to the wife she had to keep messing with that to get it out of park at the store today.
Is there a quick way to access that stuff? Thank you
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Re: How to remove cover over shifter

Post by arse_sidewards »

Remove shifter trim. You might have to pull the center console to get at it. Take a look at the mechanism. It's been years so I forget exactly but if you look how it actuates there's an obvious spot to thread a zip tie around to keep the lock from engaging. You don't actually have to take the shifter off. Just slip a zip tie in from the side and cut the tail.
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