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Dunno if you read that yet, but thought you might need to take a gander.
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Wow, someone over @ FHI needs to give it a rest already. Hell, I wonder what would happen if GM went nuts and decided to file a lawsuit against http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com . I know they'd fight it...there's a lot of rich guys over there.
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The only caveat is that Legacy is not a very "unique" word like Impreza is.

But I'm not a lawyer type guy.....so not sure how much that matters.

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This is the dumbest thing ever. I do wonder if it is retribution for his deniedmywarrenty site... because there are a billion hobby websites with car names in them that DON"T get harassed.
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I've had a few requests to remove or give credit for work on the site, which i've complied with. Most of the scans I have are simply promotional literature, nothing from a FSM last I looked.

I'm with Josh in hoping that the Legacy stuff, especially of this "vintage", may be able to stay under any wacky radar they're using.
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Legacy777 wrote:The only caveat is that Legacy is not a very "unique" word like Impreza is.

But I'm not a lawyer type guy.....so not sure how much that matters.
Impreza is probably more important for them to police since it's a model they will want to keep looking "cool" for the kids these days.
Image is going to play more of a role in Impreza sales than Legacy sales.
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