FYI: Shipping to Canada

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FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by DLC »

As many of you know, shipping to Canada with UPS or FedEx can be costly to both parties, and can get held up by customs and all manner of other nonsense.

If you're shipping something to Canada from the United States, please consider the USPS - United States Postal Service.

USPS takes your package to the border, then hands it off to the Canadian Post, who handle the package from there. Nationalized postal services seem to make it much less a hassle, and it's far cheaper as well.

Example: Aluminum oil cap in a padded envelop from Utah to Quebec: $3.10. It would probably have been $15 from UPS.
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Post by Splinter »

Yes, this is very, very true.

A member here just returned an item he bought from me that he wasn't satisfied with and he sent it UPS, which arrived on my doorstep with a $50 COD. Thanks :roll:
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Post by bushlocos »

I'm never home to receive the package, and I have to drive 20 miles to pick up my stuff.
Don't even waste your time with couriers. USPS or nothing.
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Post by kimokalihi »

I'm always asleep when the USPS place comes by and if the package doesn't fit in the mailbox (seldom does) they won't leave it here. I have to drive in to the post office. They used to leave it on my fence but they changed drivers and now she won't leave it. They used to honk to before they changed drivers but the new lady won't. I called and complained that she doesn't honk and I'm always here when the mail is delivered but they said if you have a gate they won't honk. WTF?
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Post by DLC »

I forgot to mention that $1.20 of that charge was the padded envelope. Seriously cheap.

If at all possible, get your packages delivered to your place of work. If that fails, then maybe there's a way to have a sender mark something as "hold at PO".
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Post by cj91legss »

yeah i had a member here interested in a midpipe and UPS wanted 30 dollars to ship to montreal
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Post by Dynamic Entry »

USPS or nothing plus one.

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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by ericem »

When I was younger. I purchased some plastic rc car wheel's for $40. Came from USA I am in Canada. He put the $40 value down and shipped via UPS. I was charged $32 duties!! I call in and ask WTF is this shit right. They told me there was car wheels labelled and I said and? She told me they had to charge me metal fees because they thought it was automotive wheels IN A 20" x 6" box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was reduced to $18 after HOURS of time on the phone trying to explain that it contained plastic not metal and it was for a TOY car.
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by evolutionmovement »

Yeah, I've had no issues with the USPS sending books to Canada. And, with Media Mail, nobody else touches the price. People like to bad mouth the USPS, but aside from a particular mail man or so, I've never had a problem with them. Can't say the same for UPS.
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by Legacy Rally Guy »

I wish they'd bring back DHL! I shipped a PAIR of REAR 1985 Toyota Celica Supra wheels from San Diego to Michigan.. $57! A rear diff shipped was around $30.

I think that DHL based their prices around REASON rather than "what can we get away with?"

I recently shipped with UPS to Holland, a front and rear Legacy bumper to Timo.. They only brought it to the airport! PFT, I could have done it cheaper if I flew there! and checked them as luggage. Timo and I both took a hard hit on that deal. But at least he has his new USDM SS front bumper and used rear bumper now and I've my EDM headlights.

USPS: they quoted me a little more than UPS, but it was straight forward drop-off and receive, not a bunch of headaches and "oh we forgot that you need to pay this... and that..." GRRRR @ UPS

USPS +1 (x10)
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by Bheinen74 »

I sold some floormats to a person in Canada. Hr wanted me to send fed ex. MY fed-ex quote there was 94.30
I sent them usps for 36 bucks instead and apologized to the person. apparently one time the usps lost his stuff for 26 weeks.
Anyhow it took a week and 1 day to get the mats to him.
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by sqc151 »

i too have had problems with this. i will no longer ship to canada for this reason. especially after dealing with RJ93SS.
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by elislider »

I can vouch for USPS to Canada. sent a giant top mount intercooler for less than $40, with insurance too IIRC
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by James614 »

I generally never use UPS/Fedex anyways unless I'm compelled to on eBay. USPS is cheaper and gets the job done with no surprises, domestic or to Canada.
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Re: FYI: Shipping to Canada

Post by dscoobydoo »

inside the US, I prefer UPS as the US postal has lost A LOT of my stuff. That and it is only a couple bucks more and i get tracking and delivery confimation.

But for out of country- you have to go USPS
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