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Headlights to tailights and everything in between.

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Post by PhyrraM »

Great idea!! I refer to the engine forum on all the time.

Taking suggestions?

I seem to refer tons of folks from other forums to these two threads of mine. Maybe the sticky would be a good place to flag them?

"Need electronics help", the thread where we outlined if it was poosible to run a 4 channel ECU with the factory harness.

And the eventual "how-to" thread. However, upon re-reading it, it could use some clarification. I'll try working on it if there is enough interest.
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Post by Legacy777 »

Let me know when you're happy with the threads, I will add to the sticky post.

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Re: Electrical Compilation Thread Sticky

Post by GarageBuilt »

Perhaps SAFC settings and info would be good to add? Considering it's the most commonly used and easiest to operate air/fuel controller.
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Re: Electrical Compilation Thread Sticky

Post by mike-tracy »

Hi GarageBuilt, I am not aware of any current members (besides yourself) who are using it. If you want to create a thread on the ins and outs, installation, tuning and results, I can ask the administrator if we can add it to the sticky.
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Josh Colombo wrote: Mon Jan 14, 2002 10:23 am Wait....I'm confused now.
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