ASNW Auto-X Event 5 and Event 6, June 9th and 10th

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ASNW Auto-X Event 5 and Event 6, June 9th and 10th

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Fellow BBS members, I owe you all an apology. I have not been appropriately advertising Autosports Northwest's Auto-X events here. So, in an effort to alleviate that problem I have shamelessly copied-pasted this month's event announcement below. For more information you can simply ask or also check out ASNW's website - .


Ladies and Gentleman,

We're now getting into the real heart of the 2012 Auto-X season. Four events behind us and we're all settling back into our cars and our 'cone vision' has been sharpened allowing us to perfectly backside that pivot cone while planning the next element. Our inner ear has been re-calibrated and we can feel the slightest rotation of the back end and correct accordingly. So now is the time to start laying it down and let the fellow racers in our class sweat a little.

With that said, event 5 and 6 will be held this upcoming Sat. and Sun., June 9th and 10th.

Gates open at 7:30 and the earlier you arrive the better and quicker we can get through all the logistics and on course.

Remember, 35mph on Missile Site road!!! We’re all excited, but keep the speeds down on Missile Site road and the access road!

Last month we found our limits on a tight flowing course and then an open fast course. This month we are going to take those lessons and aim to create that beautiful balance of speed and precision for small and large cars alike to enjoy. Some details still need worked out but there will be new elements and just as much fun.

The reader board has been fixed - we think - and we've sorted out the few timing issues we had. Therefore we're still planning on lots of runs .

Pre-registration is still very important. All the pre-registrations has been a great help and it would be awesome if you would please continue to pre-register. We know some of the names are still not quite right in the system - please let us know and we'll get it fixed.

If you cannot pre-register, PLEASE come early so that we can get everyone into the timing system.

Novices – We continue to see new faces and I look forward to seeing everyone out again. As with last month, please pre-register and let us know if you would like instruction. We will still have having plenty of support to teach you the ropes, help you stay on line, and answer any questions you may have. Remember, pride or ego is not a good reason to forgo the open and friendly help available to keep you pointed in the right direction and taking time off your runs. ASNW is a big family and we all want you to do well.

So everyone air up the tires, make sure your battery hold down is snug, find your window markers, and get ready to for a weekend of good times, good people, good racing, and lots of fun!

Remember to bring sunscreen, water, lunch (if you don’t like pizza), and anything else you may need for a day outside.

If you are new and never registered for an ANSW event before, click here to register:

You can also get detailed instructions how to register here: ... php?t=1929

If you cant figure it out... come out at 7:30 am anyway. We will help you get ready to go: ... 13&iwloc=A

I look forward to seeing everyone out there. We've had an immense amount of fun so far this year and the season's not over yet - so come out and join us!

Thank you,


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