BD Legacy vs GC Impreza for track/street car

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BD Legacy vs GC Impreza for track/street car

Post by thatscarycat »

Currently building my hybrid ej22t/205 hybrid motor and I still haven't the slightest clue of what chassis to use. I'm crossed between using a BD Legacy or a GC Impreza. Both appeal to me visually though I think the Legacy has a much more unique look when done up properly. The car will be a built as a summer daily/street car and a autox/track car. I'm looking to see what people think about using the Legacy chassis for that use in terms of handling. I know a GC will most likely handle better out of the box and be much lighter however I want to see what some of your opinions are on using the BD Legacy chassis instead.
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Re: BD Legacy vs GC Impreza for track/street car

Post by mike-tracy »

I've owned both and my RS on blown suspension wiped the floor handling wise vs my old BD with fresh upgraded suspension and sways. The chassis on the BD feels like a noodle in comparison. This is comparing my old 98 and 00 imprezas vs my 95 and 96 and 99 BDs. I know that the GC got significantly stiffened up at some point, so i would expect an early 90s one to handle worse.

Don't want to sound all negative but the GC is a far superior chassis imo.

I've also taken my SS a lot further suspension and stiffening wise than any other Subaru I've owned, and the imprezas (especially my 2 door RS) still have faster turn in, better balance and are much easier to recover from an emergency situation.
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Re: BD Legacy vs GC Impreza for track/street car

Post by MConte05 »

Are you putting a cage in it?
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Re: BD Legacy vs GC Impreza for track/street car

Post by dankberries »

I never owned a BD legacy so I can't say much about it, but from my personal experience with the GC, its an incredibly amazing car to drive. Handling is through the roof.
I've blown the doors off cars(corvettes, mustangs, supras, 240sx's) with twice the horsepower in the touge. The handling is ever so tight, turn in, correction, and a nice balance between under and over steer. The 2 door GC IMO has slightly more over steer than the 4 door. Not so bad that I would detour from it, just requires more attention in driving and makes for a more snappy correction than the 4 door where it is more graceful if you will.

I love my GC. King of the mountain. Great choice for auto x.
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