Anybody know what this is??

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Anybody know what this is??

Post by marsh27 »

I put my car up on stands today and I found this just floating around between the steering rack and motor.. anybody know what it could be? I don't even know if it's from my car.. weird

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Re: Anybody know what this is??

Post by mike-tracy »

Goes around the fuel filter.
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Josh Colombo wrote: Mon Jan 14, 2002 10:23 am Wait....I'm confused now.
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Re: Anybody know what this is??

Post by Pntaste4evr99 »

Or the tranny filter if it's an auto (obviously)
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Re: Anybody know what this is??

Post by Legacy777 »

Yeah, it was likely around the fuel filter. The fuel filters wiggle around a little bit and the rubber bushing around it helps it not do that. I had one years ago and I think before I started doing my own work it may have gotten thrown away with an old filter.
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