Will GC8 V3-V4 aftermarket fuel rails fit an EJ25D?

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Will GC8 V3-V4 aftermarket fuel rails fit an EJ25D?

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Will these https://www.rallitek.com/rail-kits/2856 ... -ej20.html fuel rails bolt into the fuel lines on an EJ22T or EJ25D intake? Has anyone had any experience adding a higher flowing fuel system to an EJ22T? I know Perrin makes a side feed kit but its designed for the WRX/STI and doesn't fit an EJ22T without modification and frankly I don't want to have to drill, bend, cut or get custom adapters machined on something as safety critical as the fuel system. Are there any other options for our cars? Ideally there would be a kit that allows converting the single loop system into an independent dual rail system.
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Re: Will GC8 V3-V4 aftermarket fuel rails fit an EJ25D?

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You need to pick rails that match your intake manifold. If you are using a ej25d (96'-98') manifold you want to look at v.4-5 wrx STi rails.

The rail mounting bolt holes are aligned differently between the different years/versions​. The early v.1-3 rails don't mate to the 25d manifold.

Another thing to know about those rails pictured, those are setup for -AN fittings at the rail ends. Your factory fuel hard lines will not mate to that style rail.

Im running a pretty serious fuel setup on my legacy, after market rails, custom parallel stainless braided fuel lines, tomei fpr, 2200cc injectors. You can read through my build journal about it, however all my pictures are broken.
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