For sale 93 wagon turbo, San Diego CA

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For sale 93 wagon turbo, San Diego CA

Post by Vubawoo »

Looking to sell my 93 legacy ej22t. Located in San Diego CA

Please message me for pictures and I can send via text message or email.

335xxx and mileage will go up. Motor mileage unknown, could be original
Clean title and pretty clean inside and outside.
Yes AC blows COLD!
Does it have issues yes. It is by no means perfect but will it get you from point A to B yes. Drove it 40miles a day for 4 months. But now I only travel 5 miles a day.

I've fixed all emissions components and it pass smog without any issues. Although intake will need to be swapped back to stock unless you know someone that won't care about the sard intake.

Selling for $3500 as is. Can be had cheaper with parts removed.

Issues minor
-Main window switch no longer controls RL wondow up
-sunroof intermittently does not work
-rear trunk is not original and had a bit of rust
-oil leak from oil pan?
-trans center diff chatters on low speed turns
-trans shifter mechanism will need replacement, sometimes doesn't recognize gear selected
-auto belt is frayed and auto feature doesn't work

(Otherwise car drives fine)

New parts
-Timing belt kit
-valve cover gaskets
-spark plugs
-fuel filter
Tie rods inner/outer
-2nd cat
-all pcv hoses replaced
-cross pipe orings and coolant
-12v battery

-sard intake for ej20g
-zerosport strut and grounding kit
-juran rear strut
-volk te37 16x7 +33
-lamco boost guage

Extra parts for $550 ej20g heads, manifold, ZeroSport ECU (it's complete but block is bad) , exhaust manifold, turbo, slanty top mount. There's a write up to do the conversation on here from ej22t to 20g
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